Loaded Loaves teams up with St Joseph’s Roll Model Bakery

Posted on - November 20, 2017 / Author - Alison Driver / Category - News

Following a chance meeting with a teacher from Cranleigh’s St Joseph’s Specialist School  Loaded Loaves visited the Roll Model Bakery at the schools and spent the morning baking with the students bakers. Alison had a great time meeting the staff and student bakers and seeing some of the college’s great work – not to mention the impressive baking on the day!

The following article is taken from St Josephs’s Specialist School and College Newsletter. The complete item can be seen on their website by clicking here.

“Loaded Loaves Workshop with
“Roll Models” Bakery and friends.

A few months ago, whilst at a craft fair Caroline met Alison the owner of “Loaded Loaves.” They discussed both her business and “The Roll Models Bakery,” at college. Alison offered to come to do a workshop to share her expertise in both baking and marketing with our bakers.

Obviously, Caroline jumped at the offer resulting in an enormously successful workshop was held last Monday.

Alison explained the history of her business which originated around the need to find a tasty snack for sailors that was easy to transport and heat, without making a mess in the brand new galleys, on board expensive luxury sailing yachts being delivered all around the world. So she invented the “Loaded Loaf, which is a dough based version of a pasty. An “on the go” snack full of flavour was born!

Alison kindly provided all the doughs and fillings free of charge and demonstrated to our students how to make a loaded loaf. Everyone was fascinated as she cut open her loaves to reveal tasty fillings such as cooked breakfast or roasted peppers. All students made several versions and took them away with them to share.

Students tried three varieties of dough, the ingredients of both dough and stuffing ensured they were really colourful and bursting with flavour: Apricot & Cumin dough contained Lamb Tagine; Smoked Paprika oozed chorizo, chicken and onion, and Beetroot dough combined with feta cheese.

The students then experimented with their own stuffing ideas and lots of chilli flakes were added to the chorizo version for those with spicy tastes.

Alison also shared with us how she set up her market stall so we could gain some ideas for marketing and displaying our breads. Hannah helped her set out her trays and prices.

Hannah asked about Alison’s website and they explored it together.

It was such a success that Alison has agreed to come back next year to meet the new bakers. If you are ever near Angmering Butchers you could pop in and purchase some of her Loaded Loaves.

The students were very proud of their end results and certainly enjoyed eating them.

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November 20, 2017 at 9:01 pm / Caroline Sandees / Write:

Hi Alison.
We had an awesome time with your workshop. We learnt so much and will use your advice as we develop our bakery.

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