Our Story



Established 2014


Loaded Loaves aim is to create healthy satisfying food that can be eaten on the go without mess and excessive packaging.

Alison Driver has always been an enthusiastic baker. The concept for Loaded Loaves came about as the result of experiments aboard sailing yachts. While baking the daily bread for the crew on a trans atlantic yacht Alison decided to try baking sausages inside bread as a surprise treat.

The sausage rolls were a huge success and were the early beginnings of Loaded Loaves’ signature product – Breakfast in Bread!

The idea is not an original one and we do not claim to be the first to bake a sausage in bread. Way back in medieval days it is thought that an early form of the sausage roll was known as the Sussex Sausage but made with bread instead of pastry. We have been unable to find what sort of sausage this was – it may not even have been a meat sausage.

As victualler and crew member on the 09/10 Clipper Round the World Yacht Race Alison taught every member of the crew to make bread – no matter what the conditions were like – and once back on shore decided not to return to a successful media career.

Instead Loaded Loaves was born.

“I bought 2 veg sausage artisan bread rolls and I have to say they were “Amazing ” ! So filling and so tasty. My daughter loved her shortbread too made by loaded cakes.com.”
We met you at the downlands fair on Saturday, we purchased some gluten free products from you also other products (The beetroot and feta being my favourite). My son who can’t have any gluten in his diet said it was the best gingerbread biscuit he has ever tasted!

Thank you for the amazingly great food.”